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Web Development & Design

Web Development

Secure, robust website development from a team of experts. Developing effective online solutions that deliver ROI.

Our website development team are proven to give you secure, robust and scalable solutions that meet the needs of your business and target audiences. To put it simply, we develop effective online solutions that deliver ROI via increased sales and cost savings.

Website development technology moves quickly and with it comes new opportunities for integrations, user experience and big data, Fifteen’s developers keep up to date with all of the latest technology and content management systems that keep our customers at the cutting edge in their respective sectors.
Our web developers work in both PHP and .NET programming languages and we have a range on content management systems that cater for all business sizes and project budgets.
For e-commerce web development we typically use;
• Shopware
• Magento
• OpenCart
• Shopify
• WordPress utilising WooCommerce
For brochure or non-transactional site web development we typically use;
• WordPress
We will look at what you are trying to achieve from the project and then our team of expert web developers will guide you to what system is the best fit for you.
If we find that your website development project requirements don’t fit with any of the above then we can develop a bespoke application for you.
All requirements are documented in functional and technical specifications backed by data flow diagrams and user journeys.
Spending time at the beginning thinking about the web development architecture will save a lot of time during the build phase and also ensure the foundations of the application are solid.
We have a team of web developers who are passionate about good quality code and coding practices. We understand the importance of a solid foundation for your website or online application and how things evolve.
With this in mind our developers make sure the database structure and framework of websites is future proof.
We’ve built everything from brochure websites to bespoke booking systems, intranets to e-commerce solutions, CRMs to comparison sites, learning management systems to membership websites and everything in between.
Contact our specialist website development team today to discuss your requirements and let us make your next development project a complete success.

Responsive Website Development

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a website which responds to the device its being viewed on.
With the ever increasing spectrum of mobile devices available to consumers, responsive development allows us to create websites which dynamically react – when a person clicks on your website link from desktop, mobile or tablet the website immediately detects the resolution it is being viewed from and ‘responds’ accordingly to provide the best experience for that device.
Negating the need to pinch squeeze or resize – immediately improving the experience of your website on your potential or existing customer and increasing satisfaction with your brand.

Why responsive website development?

The core reasons for adopting a responsive website are spread across the different aspects we believe make a website deliver on its objectives – usability, content, search engine visibility and conversion optimisation.
This means that with one website (and one content management system) you can deliver a different usability mechanisms to website visitors. For example, on a widescreen monitor we might choose to have wide screen photography and a mega menu yet when the same website scales down to an iPhone it may incorporate a hamburger menu and use gesture control.
With responsive development we can also ensure that no content is compromised from desktop to mobile, giving your customers a complete view of your website information no matter how they’re accessing your website.
That said, responsive development also gives us the flexibility to deliver prioritised content from one screen resolution to another – allowing us to merchandise content better across devices – with the ultimate aim of increasing website conversions.
The major Google update of 2015 – affectionately labeled Mobilegeddon by industry experts – saw Google add responsive website development to its ever expanding list of algorithm changes.
The update sees responsive websites favoured by the leading search engine; over standard desktop websites and also against separate mobile versions.
The arguments for responsive design in terms of design, usability, content and search visibility stack up.
Thankfully at Fifteen we’ve been delivering responsive technology to our clients since its early inception so we’re well averse to delivering quality responsive websites.

How do we deliver responsive websites?

Our UI planning team will work with you to ensure that content is delivered seamlessly across devices and that from a usability perspective your website provides a consistent experience no matter where, how or when your customers access your website.
Using the latest technology; HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Jquery; our front-end developers create websites which work responsively across devices.

E-Commerce Design

Drive sales online with our ecommerce solutions.
We can make ecommerce work for you with ecommerce website design that wows customers, drives traffic and converts to sales online.
We’re stating the obvious to say that it’s important for a retailer to have a good online presence. Whether you’re a quirky boutique looking to exploit a great niche, or a global brand looking to create an epic online sales experience across multiple territories, having a robust platform that gives people your product in the easiest, most efficient manner possible is the new standard.
It’s what people expect – and if an online store can’t provide that, people will go somewhere else. But there are tons of ways that you can provide an awesome e-commerce experience for your customers, no matter what you need it for – that’s where we’ll help.
If you’re new to the world of e-commerce, it’s not as daunting as you think. And if you’re an old hat, then it’s probably easier than you thought. Drawing on multiple skills, using experience-based across dozens of different sectors, we work closely with you to give you what you need – that’s fit for purpose.
Not only to we have an array of marketing tools to help you promote your products, but we actually build websites on powerful platforms that enable you to sell in the first place. If you have numerous complexities, or you’re just after a simple out-of-the-box e-commerce experience, we’ll deliver a site that’s rocket fuel for your business.
Whether you’re an established ecommerce business looking to improve your conversions, or you’re in the early stages of selling online, we can help.
Trading through the internet, email and social media offers vast potential. Many of the great businesses to emerge over the last two decades are internet-based and have pioneered groundbreaking ways of experiencing and buying their products and services.
As the world becomes more tech savvy and demanding; search engines increasingly changeable, comes increasing competition and the greater need for ecommerce businesses to be dynamic
For e-commerce web development we typically use;
• Shopware
• Magento
• OpenCart
• Shopify
• WordPress
If you’re operating on multi channels we can also help you to manage all of your platforms efficiently and effectively.
We have a range of tools to help you to understand how your customers are using your site, where they click and what they are missing. We also offer Pay Per Click management and Search Engine Optimisation to get your customers to you quickly. These tools can be used in the redevelopment or fine-tuning of your site so it becomes a powerful online tool. Contact us and begin the process of creating an effective ecommerce site that you can be confident in presenting to your customers, that ranks above your competitors and which has the potential to deliver significant sales. Our developers can help you achieve more through Google Shopping, allowing your products greater reach.

Website Hosting

Safe, secure, compliant hosting for websites. Hosting services tailored to your website size, traffic levels and usage.
Attentive Hosting Team
We take an extremely attentive approach when it comes to hosting your website. You’ll never have that gut-wrenching feeling of seeing your site down, with pound signs ticking away of all the lost business. We’ve all had first-hand experiences in this, and it’s our priority to eliminate any excuses. Our dedicated platform allows us to monitor 24/7 at 60-second intervals, which instantly notify our developers if a problem occurs. That means we can dive in and get the site live again before you even know that it’s gone down. We have multiple availability zones and replication, which means should there be a problem with the data centre your server resides in, it’ll automatically failover to another data centre. We aim for response times of below 0.1seconds.
Bespoke Hosting Packages
It’s essential that you only pay for what you need – and that means paying as you go for the resources you need. Not every day is the same – you’ll have different promotions and activity throughout the year – so when you need to unleash computing power our hosting service is capable of handling an infinite number of visitors. It’s lightning fast, no matter how busy your website is, meaning you’ll not be caught out by a surge in traffic.

Start Up Website

Whether you’re a brand new start-up company or a small business, the need for a website is integral to getting anywhere. If potential customers or clients cannot find you, you’re highly unlikely to have your services used or your products purchased. Fifteen know the importance of a good, modern website and so we want to help you.
LondonTags has had over a decade’s worth of experience in web design and marketing, we’ve worked with numerous companies on their own bespoke websites but we want to make that experience accessible to all. In using a LondonTags Starter Site you will get an easy to use, well-designed website at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but you’ll also get exactly the same experience with us as those larger companies. We want you to end up with your perfect website and so we will bring all of our expertise to help you reach that.
As part of the Start-up Websites, we can provide the following services:

The Starter Site

A 5 page Brochure Site with the following Site Map: Home, About, Services, Blog/News, and Contact. Our expert team of designers, developers and project managers will make sure that your website easy to use and understand, not just for your user, but for you as well.


Our copywriters will either write the copy for your site to give it that professional edge or they will help in the proofreading process to avoid any typos or grammatical errors. Giving you the time to concentrate on the important things, like running your business.
Domain Name Purchase
Organising domains for your website can be a confusing business, we’ll save you this struggle and find the best domains for you! We will contact you with a few options, and you have the final say in what your domain should be.

Logos and Branding

Without these, your website and company will lack a sense of identity. We’ll help you to find the perfect logo and branding to show off who you are! Take a look at one of our recent branding exercises for CloudHouse!

Marketing Literature

If you’re just starting up or have only a small reach, it can be difficult to know where to go to when it comes to marketing. We have years of experience and will teach you everything we can to give the best possible chance. Take a look at Remit, a company who we’ve done a brand, marketing literature and their website for.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Even if you can get a website sorted, without SEO it’ll be difficult for your website to be found as search engines give precedence to sites which feature SEO. We have experts in SEO and we will pass on all of this knowledge directly to you.

Social Marketing Set-Up

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn; there are a plethora of social media sites out there and making use of them will greatly increase your chances of getting the word out to potential customers and clients.
Website Hosting
Not only will we help you create the website, we will also host it on our own servers so your site will always remain online. Should anything happen to it, we will be easily able to fix problems as and when they happen.
All content and images needs to be provided before work can commence, unless you want to make use of our expert copywriters. If necessary, we can aid in the purchase of images for you to use. We would also request that you have an idea as to how you want your website to look so we can help you to achieve that.